Coaching Reviews

Since 1996, Jarrod Evans has coached multiple World Champions, Ironman Champions, & Age Group Champions.  Triathlon Gold have had some amazing experiences and achievements.  Below are some of the triathlon coaching testimonials that athletes who have provided in words, what Jarrod Evans has been able to do, to assist them in achieving their triathlon dreams. We pride oursevles on the highest personal service, and making sure no stone is left un-turned in helping the athletes reach their goals whether it be crossing the line of their first fun run or triathlon, to winning a world championship medal. Thanks for reading.

"I' was fortunate enough to partner with Jarrod for two years at the start of my journey into ITU, draft-legal triathlon. Coming from a running background, I had a lot to catch-up on in the realm of multi-sport with a specific emphasis on swimming and cycling.  Jarrod identified both my strengths and weaknesses, addressed them and coached me from essentially 'unranked' to a top-20 position in the world on the ITU World Rankings list. Together we've overcome challenges and achieved race results and rankings. But more importantly, Jarrod made sure to accomplish these goals with long-term vision and sustainability within sport. His person-centered approach, patience, diligence, dedication and professionalism are gold standard. Not only have I grown as a professional athlete, but I'm enriched as a person under his mentorship."

Renee Tomlin​

Multiple World Cup Triathlon Champion

Top 5 World Triathlon Series

Team USA Elite Athlete

“I was very fortune to be coached by Jarrod at my entry point into the sort of triathlon. Under his guidance, I improved my world ranking in two years from 343rd to 11th in the world in the 2 Years in the USA Collegiate Recruitment Program. He invests himself 100% in the process and is extremely dedicated to the athlete. Jarrod doesn't just focus or care about producing results, he cares about you as a person. Jarrod is a coach that will push you to be your best and who is excited to help you succeed.”

Kirsten Kasper

Multiple World Cup Triathlon Champion

Top 5 World Triathlon Series

Team USA Elite Athlete

"Jarrod Evans is an incredible coach! I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a number of training camps and one-on-one sessions with Jarrod over the past two years—this is what I have observed. Jarrod makes the effort to understand the background of his athletes and their personal experiences, and applies what he learns to improve individual instruction. Acknowledging my background in mechanical engineering, Jarrod explained the ways by which we decrease drag and increase propulsion in the water using principles I recognized from physics and fluid-dynamics. In doing so, Jarrod taught me new techniques by following fundamentals that I was already familiar with. To re-enforce these new techniques, Jarrod exercised extreme care--photographing proper finger placement, and prodding me with a stick every time my elbow dropped underwater. Attention to these minute details encapsulate Jarrod’s greatest strength as a high-performance coach, and demonstrate the thoughtfulness he brings to his training sessions. With that, I highly recommend Jarrod for anyone seeking to improve their swim and break into that first pack."

Gina Serano

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete
Team USA Elite Athlete

“I had the privilege to be coached by Coach Evans for a year in the USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Program and truly feel that he did everything in his power to make me the best I could possibly be. He is tough but fair and will never sugar coat anything, and that is exactly what any athlete who wishes to improve needs. His knowledge, experience, and passion for the sport of triathlon puts him head and shoulders above nearly all other coaches in the world. I have nothing but good things to say about coach Jarrod Evans.

Jack Felix

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

Team USA Elite Athlete

"I thoroughly enjoyed having Jarrod as my coach. He knew exactly what it required to get where we wanted to be then he implemented this into the training with highly focused drills and workouts. Moreover, his ability to read my body language and demeanor at training sessions was second-to-none allowing us to work well as a team.  I hope more athletes have the opportunity to work with Jarrod."

JR Creekmore

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

Team USA Elite Athlete

"Coach Jarrod has made my transition from single sport to triathlon as seamless as possible. He is incredibly patient and takes the time to get to know his athletes to create a specifically tailored training program that is most beneficial for the athlete. Coach Jarrod knows exactly how far to push our limits to get the most out of us to achieve major gains in training and performance. I am very confident in his ability to form me into the best possible athlete I can be and am incredibly grateful for a coach who believes in my abilities. I would highly recommend Coach Jarrod for any triathlete who is trying to achieve his or her full potential."

Mary Alex England

ITU Professional Triathlete

2019 Team USA Pan Am Games
Team USA Elite Athlete
USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

“Since starting my triathlon career in 2012, Jarrod Evans has helped me go from strength to strength. Over the past years I have become a 3 x Victorian Champion, 3 x Australian Silver Medallist and reached my short term goal this year of becoming Australian Junior Champion.  Jarrod’s training models are second to none and the team atmosphere is phenomenal.  Jarrod is constantly evolving his theories, programs and directive through research and practical implementation.  I cant endorse him highly enough.”

Kurt McDonald

Australian Junior Champion

Youth Australian Junior Champion

Multiple Elite Race Winner

“Jarrod Evans uses a holistic approach to individually train each of his athletes. He considers all aspects of sports performance to formulate a plan: psychology, personal interests, physiological response, training background, and more. Jarrod trained me to progress not just for the next season, but to keep progressing and enjoy the sport long into the future.”

Dylan Sorenson

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

All American Track & Field Athlete

Team USA Elite Athlete

"Jarrod Evans has been one of the most interactive and knowledgeable coach’s of my athletic career. If you are looking to see some progress in this grueling sport of triathlon, Jarrod Evans will be able to take you to the next level. Jarrod doesn’t neglect anything, he takes time to focus on each and every weakness without disregarding your strengths."

Clayton Hutchins

ITU Professional Triathlete
Team USA Elite Athlete
USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

"Professional, patient, detail oriented, intelligent and organized, Jarrod Evans embodies everything I look for in a coach. For Coach Jarrod, coaching is more than just a job, it’s what he loves to do. His passion for the sport and dedication to the development and well-being of his athletes is incredible. I am so grateful to be a current athlete in his squad.
I joined Coach Jarrod Evan’s squad in the summer of 2017 having never done a triathlon in my life. I attribute my progression from total newbie to elite ITU triathlete to Coach Jarrod. He works hard each day to create a world-class training environment in which we can grow, learn, push ourselves and achieve. I know I still have a lot of learning and growth ahead of me, but I couldn’t think of a better environment to do so in!

Sophie Chase

Multiple ITU Triathlon Champion
2018 USA Triathlon Elite Rookie of the Year

2019 Team USA Pan Am Games
Team USA Elite Athlete

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

“During the 2016 season, I was honoured to work with Jarrod Evans throughout my time in USA Triathlon’s Collegiate Recruitment Program. Diligent, punctual, and professional in his coaching demeanour, these first impressions remained true throughout the program. Every day his dedication and passion to be the best coach and develop his athletes to their greatest potential, was apparent. Without falter, rain or shine, he was on deck, at the track, or in the saddle with the team. His hands-on approach and total investment to each athlete as an individual is tribute their improvements and successes. Thanks to Jarrod and the CRP, I was able to fully commit to the sport of triathlon and achieve a goal set early in the season to half my ITU world ranking on the world stage.”

Taylor Spivey

ITU Professional Triathlete

Team USA Elite Athlete

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

"Coach Jarrod Evans -- founder and head coach at Triathlon GOLD brings almost a decade of coaching experience to his role as well as years of professional racing prior to that. I joined Jarrod's squad in February of this year in order to further commit to my goal of competing at Olympic Trials in pursuit of a start at Tokyo 2020. Jarrod is not scared to push his athletes but does an incredible job of finding that delicate balance of expanding limits without overdoing it. He is very analytical and thoughtful and is on deck for every session we complete. I've seen firsthand why he has been able to develop more than a couple elite female triathletes currently racing at the top of the sport. I highly recommend reaching out to Jarrod if you want to take your performance to the next level, whether at the junior elite, NCAA, or elite level."

Sarah Alexander

ITU Professional Triathlete
Team USA Elite Athlete

“Whether you are trying to make major improvements in an area or looking for a coach to polish you off, Jarrod is your coach. His expertise in all aspects of triathlon combined with his tireless planning and workout management, you are sure to achieve the progress you desire.

My progress in just 12 months with Jarrod included:

  • 3+ minute drop in my 1500m swim

  • Faster and more fluid transitions

  • Technical improvements on the bike

  • Increased threshold wattage on the bike

  • Running much closer to my 100% capability off of the bike.


I would encourage anyone who wants to improve their performance to strongly consider Jarrod, you will not leave any stone unturned in your efforts to become better.”

Walter Schaefer

USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

Team USA Elite Athlete

"Through luck and circumstance, I was one of the fortunate few to have had Jarrod Evans as a coach. Jarrod began with me as a (very) injured athlete with low confidence at the time. Not many people would take on a project like this, but without hesitation he did. I would be remiss if I did not credit where I am now to Jarrod Evans. He is by far and beyond one of the most patient and detail oriented coaches I have come across, and this alone speaks volumes. He created an environment of open communication and feedback that I believe was a key part to my success in continued health (and happiness!)
Though I am no longer with Jarrod, I use his approach daily in my continued training. He instilled and taught me some of the most valuable skills as an athlete to be able to reach the highest level. Whatever the future may hold, I credit and owe a lot to Jarrod Evans as a coach. Thank you!"

Bria Edwards

ITU Professional Triathlete
Team USA Elite Athlete

"Jarrod Evans possess every quality you’d want in a great coach. He’s motivational, caring, extremely knowledgeable, disciplined and dedicated to each of his athletes and the sport. More importantly, he instills these qualities in each of his athletes. He takes the time to build each athlete individually working on improving exactly what each individual needs specifically. His training and coaching technique not only builds a strong and well conditioned athlete, but also builds confidence in athletes to believe their ability to reach new goals."

Annie Kelly

ITU Professional Triathlete
Team USA Elite Athlete USA Triathlon Collegiate Recruitment Athlete

“I started off doing triathlon, training under another coach other than Jarrod and was doing ok but I wanted to get over my plateau in performance and everyone was telling me how good of a coach Jarrod was, so I made the tough decision to leave the coach and team I was training with at the time to get Jarrod’s help obtaining my goals which I have exceeded to date. In just a year and a half Jarrod trained me up to do my first Ironman and I completed it, in 9hours and 7 mins. I went onto become a 2 x Ironman World Age Group Champion as well thanks to Jarrod.  Jarrod’s program makes training interesting and challenging but at the same time you don’t realise how much work you have actually put in. But what makes Jarrod such a successful coach is his passion for coaching. It is clear Jarrod is the hardest working and most dedicated coach I have ever met, he is worth far more than the fee charged. If you are willing to put in the work Jarrod will guide you to achieve and exceed your goals. I am forever thankful for Jarrod’s service in helping me be the best I can be.”

Levi Maxwell

Multiple 70.3 & Challenge Pro Champion

Challenge Ironman Champion

2 x Ironman World Champion 25-29

“In 2012 I raced my sixth ironman in Busselton hoping for a Kona slot. I had a good day, but only finished third in my age group getting smashed by two athletes racing their first ironman (one of whom was a current member of Jarrod’s HP Team).  I knew I’d put in the work and shouldn’t have been beaten in the way I had. At the time I had a coach here in Perth who was very good and helped me fall in love with triathlon. For that, I’m truly thankful. However, I had limited contact with him in terms of my training and preparation. I felt in order to improve I needed a coach with more involvement. Jarrod reviewed all my training files daily and we corresponded on a daily basis and made change and improvement on a daily basis. It is a continually evolving partnership. Together we made improvements I never would have thought possible. He has coached 25+ World Age Group Champions and his athletes results speak for themselves. I’m eternally grateful to Jarrod and his team for helping me full-fill my dream of being an Ironman World Age Group Champion and I’m excited about what we can accomplish in the future”.

Amos Gollach

Ironman World Champion 25-29

Multiple Ironman Age Group Winner

Multiple Ironman 70.3 Age Group Winner

"In the 18 months I have been working with Jarrod I have achieved results beyond my expectations. From 5 consecutive AG wins over various distances, to obtaining my professional license and starting my Pro 70.3 Career with a podium. This is a testament to his coaching. Jarrod is extremely professional, patient and detail orientated. I have learned an incredible amount from him in a very short period of time and can not recommend Jarrod highly enough for any athlete who is serious about taking their performance to the next level."

Renee Kiley

Professional Triathlete 70.3 Podium Athlete

“I contacted Jarrod Evans because I needed a change to my training approach. I was sick of coming top 10 in my age group at local triathlons. He taught me about hard work as well as what it takes to be a perfect athlete. It only took 2 1/2 years of his guidance and support to for me to become Age Group Ironman World Champion. He is a wealth of knowledge and I am truly grateful for what his has helped me to achieve.”

Richard Thompson

Ironman World Champion 20-24

Multiple Ironman Age Group Winner

Former Ironman Course Record Holder

“As an online athlete, the choice of online coaches is vast to say the least. Without restriction of location and with communication made simple via email, the choice isn’t even limited to Australia. My initial decision to join Jarrod Evans was based on their proven track record and also through a couple of friend’s recommendations. I can now say, that with the over 3 years with Jarrod Evans, I chose to stay based on the confidence and success I have had with the program and the relationship I have developed with Jarrod as coach. Important to me is the assurance that the coach is one step ahead, in terms of new methodologies and training techniques. My program is tailored to my specific goals and abilities and I know that if I stick to and follow the program, I’ll achieve success. My results in the past years are testimonial to this.  Of added value is having Jarrod Evans attending many of my interstate and international races, offering the opportunity for race day support and timely, relevant technique appraisal.”

Linda O’Connor

Long-course World Champion 45-49

Multiple Ironman Age Group Winner

Multiple 70.3 Age Group Winner

“I've seen a huge jump in performance since starting to work with Jarrod 15 months ago. He's professional, detail oriented, thoughtful, and performance-driven. Working with Jarrod, you can be assured you have someone in your corner who backs you and will help you achieve your goals.” 

Megan Foley

Team USA Elite Athlete


3 x Red Bull 400 Champion

2018,2019,2020 Super-League Athlete

"Jarrod has transformed my athletic career. He has brought me up from an injury prone, age group athlete, to qualifying for my professional license within months of working together. Although he is an absolute expert in anything triathlon related, he takes his time to explain why we do what we do, and he lays it out in terms easily understood by every level of athlete. I am especially amazed at how he gets every last drop of potential out of his athletes while understanding and tailoring his programs in the safest, most effective way possible. Thank you, Jarrod!"

James Shalvoy

ITU Professional Triathlete

““Coming into IM Melbourne (which was to be my third ironman), I had two goals – one was to do sub 11 hours and the second was to qualify for Kona. I knew that in order for me to achieve either of these goals, I would need to change the way I trained – which for me meant moving away from the squad environment and moving towards an online coaching program. I approached Jarrod Evans given the high level of results achieved by his athletes – Jarrod designed a program specifically tailored to my goals, athletic ability and family and work situation.  The level and quality of training, knowledge and feedback was outstanding and the provision of support networks including nutrition experts led to me achieving not only a top 10 place in Melbourne but also a 70 min PB from the previous Ironman and most importantly, a Kona spot for the Ironman World Championships.  For any athlete who is looking to go to the next level, improve their times, qualify for Kona or just be the best that they can be, I would highly recommend the online coaching services of Jarrod Evans.”

Kerri Spanner

Hawaiian Ironman Athlete

“I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to be coached by Jarrod. Jarrod took me on in February and said he need about 4months to get me ready to be competitive at 70.3 distance, so we targeted Cairns 70.3 in June. I’m writing this the morning after winning my age group at Cairns 70.3 in my first ever attempt at this distance. It is still with some disbelief!, Jarrod has taken me from an average athlete to an age group winner and I can’t thank him enough. His coaching approach is amazing, its smart and designed to achieve results, his knowledge is second to none and the support he has given me is just wonderful. I have never been happier or stronger and thank-you really cant express my gratitude, I have learnt the true value of a good coach, thanks Jarrod!”

Noelene Byrne

Multiple 70.3 Age Group Winner

Multiple Sprint Series Age Winner

Victorian Age Group Triathlon Champion

“I was once told that the truest sign of a good coach, lies in their ability to take an average athlete and lead them to achieve lofty goals they never thought possible. If this is the case, then Jarrod Evans is the epitome of a successful coach. In my first 12 months in Jarrod’s squad, I have went from a “hobby” triathlete, to winning the Elite category at various Victorian triathlons. His transformation of athletes goes far beyond what I have experienced in the last year and it is a key reason why I have the utmost faith in Jarrod’s program.  Whilst it is a cliche to say that results speak for themselves, it is true. The list of results that Jarrod has amassed as a coach, really is very impressive, and it’s a list you just can’t ignore.”

Sarah Lester

Professional Triathlete

ITU Continental Cup Winner

“I feel privileged to be able to say that I have been a part of Jarrod Evans training squads since its beginning in 1996.  In that time, the progression of the team thanks to Jarrod’s guidance and hard work is nothing short of AMAZING.  His training programs are second to none and you just cant argue with results.  The highlights for me have been the perfect mix of “fun” and “hard work” I can always trust will provide the desired result every-time.  I thank Jarrod for all the time he has spent helping me over the years, my Triathlon “YODA” …His constant drive to improve himself as an Athlete, Coach and Person inspires me to do the same. I look forward to the coming years and the step up to Ironman racing.

Ross Young

70.3 Age Group Champion

Hawaiian Ironman Athlete

“I first contacted Jarrod seeking coaching in the pursuit of some optimistic goals – A podium place at National Championships and to turn professional.  From the first email it was made clear the path to success, what was expected of me, what I would receive and what was possible if I applied myself. As a correspondence athlete living in the Northern Territory where limited access to high level competition and the extreme weather add to the challenges of distance. Through this, communication was key and daily email updates were expected and responded to – despite being on thousands of kilometres apart I have access to all the information and feedback I need. Within 2 months of commencing on Jarrod’s system I won the Australian Olympic Distance Age Group Championship, and, 12 months further on I was awarded my Open Professional licence. Jarrod Evans and the team have done everything I asked and more, he has spurred me on and directed me carefully and methodically to successes I wanted but had no idea how to reach. The service goes beyond expert knowledge of how to swim, ride and run – being an athlete is a lifestyle and Jarrod manages the everyday ups and downs of an athlete’s life with empathy and sets minds at ease. There are no surprises, no problem to big or small and somehow, someway, just when I think I cannot take anymore, just as he says it will, everything falls into place. From the training programs, weekly newsletter and constant flow of information and reading materials to race days, training camps and everything in between we share a love of this sport which shines through in everything Jarrod and the team do. It is a pleasure to be a part of this team and I look forward with great optimism to what we can achieve in the future.”

Chad Anderson

Australian Olympic Distance Champion 25-29

Australian Sprint Distance Champion 25-29

Northern Territory Open Champion

 “I initially contacted Jarrod on the recommendation of a good mate Ian Roduner who was also coached by correspondence by Jarrod.  I initially discussed my goal with Jarrod, which was to qualify for Ironman World Championship Kona (which I am sure he hears quite a bit). Jarrod slotted me into his correspondence program after a spot become available.  From the outset Jarrod was upfront with his requirements of me. His training programs/systems are detailed, structured and his communication and feedback is almost instant either via phone or email. He has great belief in the athlete’s ability and instils a strong work ethic along with persistence & consistency. I raced Ironman UK, won my age group in 35-39, finished 13th overall and had personnel bests in all 3 disciplines and qualified for Ironman World Champion Kona so I need to say no more…….I would like to thank Jarrod for everything he has done for me and would recommend him to any level of athlete because you will still get the same level of planning, dedication & commitment. Thanks again mate.”

Pete Breadsell

Ironman UK Age Group Champion

Ironman Cairns Age Group Champion

Hawaiian Ironman Triathlete

“I could not recommend Jarrod Evans more highly as both a coach and a person. Having been with Jarrod for nearly 3 years I have always found him to be highly professional and honest with their approach. My program is tailored to my specific needs, abilities and family commitments and has helped me achieve what I only dreamed of. Jarrod’s passion and dedication towards his coaching and athletes are second to none. As a correspondence athlete I have always had regular and prompt contact with Jarrod through email and phone and have had the opportunity to attend a number of camps where I have been able to train with like-minded athletes under his direction. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Jarrod and seeing what we can achieve in the future”

Jenny Hart

Multiple Ironman Age Group Medallist

Multiple Age Group Champion

Hawaiian Ironman Athlete

“I have been with Jarrod for 13 months now via correspondence. Another two athletes from my area highly recommended him to me. I would and I do highly recommend Jarrod as a coach to anyone. I love following his programs to every metre he puts down, so at the end of the day I feel very satisfied knowing that with his coaching knowledge and my personal commitment, you will and you do get to where you want. For example when I first started with Jarrod he assessed me and asked me what my goals were. I said that I want to be making the age group podium in the prestigious Gatorade Series.  I not only achieved my goal but I also got silver medal at the world championships in my age group as well.  We have now met my goals one year later and I am now reassessing my new goals with Jarrod. I look forward to the next stage.”

Adam Cashmore

Australian Champion 30-34

World Championship Silver Medallist

Australian Triathlon Series Champion 30-34

"I am thankful and proud to have worked with Jarrod Evans for two full calendar years during my tenure in the Collegiate Recruitment Program daily training environment. Jarrod is a strong, disciplined, and extremely organized coach with an expansive knowledge of everything multisport. Jarrod works tirelessly to take the guesswork out of training with meticulous workout programming and race schedule planning. He truly covers every base. I have learned an incredible amount from Jarrod, and feel confident that a foundation for success in my triathlon career has been laid after having worked so diligently with him."

Robby Webster

ITU Professional Triathlete

Team USA National Development Team Member

“I started training with Jarrod after 9 years of competing in ironman and long distance triathlons. The reason I asked Jarrod to coach me was that I wanted to raise my training and racing to a new level. In the relatively short time that Jarrod has been my coach, he has impressed me with his knowledge base, expertise and his highly individualised approach to training and racing. He is approachable, unflappable and generous with his time and attention. He has a genuine interest in continuous education of both himself and the athletes he coaches in the elements of triathlon and that shows in the results he achieves. I have achieved two personal bests at successive ironman races since starting with Jarrod, the most significant being at Ironman Asia Pacific (Melbourne) where I raced successfully to an age group win and PB time. I look forward to my remaining time under his tutelage and following his career in the future.”

Mary Mitchell

Multiple Ironman Age Group Winner

Hawaiian Ironman athlete

“I am true product of what Jarrod Evans can offer. I began with his Beginner Triathlon Squad.  I began with no experience and never raced in a triathlon before. In this squad I was taught all the basic skills, learnt what equipment I needed and was encouraged to push my skills to a new level.  He was a true inspiration and managed to help me achieve what I never thought was possible within myself. He gave me the ‘bug’ for triathlon and really understood me and coached me accordingly.
Jarrod is the most professional and respected coach I have ever met.  He is so smart, yet personal the way he coaches. His long history in the sport has shown his athletes get the results time and time again. His coaching methods and knowledge are his biggest coaching assets.

Lyndal Dew

Australian Sprint Distance Champion 20-24

Australian Olympic Distance Champion 20-24

Professional Triathlete

ITU Continental Cup Winner

"I found Coach Jarrod after a year of struggling with injuries and subpar coaching, and I could not be happier. Jarrod is professional, knowledgable, and undoubtedly invested in each of his athletes and helping them achieve their best. He provides excellent communication and guidance, and is very accessible. You will get nothing short of the highest caliber coaching from Coach Jarrod."

Christine Warren

Multiple Age Champion & Brand Ambassador

“I was lucky enough to gain Jarrod’s services due to an unfortunate situation with my previous coaching arrangement. This alone I’m personally very grateful for as with only 12 weeks till Hawaii I really thought I may be winging this prep myself.  Within days of our first chat he had developed a programme that met all my needs.  Specifically a programme that was built around my 55-60hrs of work a week/ family commitments and most importantly a programme that hopefully got me to the start line in one piece (I have a long history of breaking down).  Fast forward 12 weeks and I had not only toed the start line 100% fit , but also set a PB time for Hawaii in what was considered a pretty tough year and a new PB run time in any Ironman races I had completed. The whole experience was a pleasure including meeting the great crew also competing under his banner in Hawaii. I look forward to training with Jarrod and the team for years to come.”

Matt Rae

Hawaiian Ironman Athlete

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