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Daniel Weiss

CEO & Age Group World Championships Qualifier 

“Jarrod stands out among triathlon coaches, especially for age groupers with busy professional and family lives. He is adaptable, empathetic, pragmatic, brings good cheer and encouragement in his communication, and gets the challenge in balancing the tension and priorities between sports, family and work. You never feel Jarrod's focus is anywhere other than on the athlete and you never feel belittled for anything you did not quite understand or accomplish.”

Isla Watson

Australian ITU Triathlete | VIS Scholarship | Triathlon Australia HP Development Program

“Jarrod has been by far the most knowledgeable, invested, dedicated and professional coach I have been privileged enough to have. The level of communication Jarrod creates with his athletes is next level. He is always available if anything happens, is extremely adaptable and most importantly provides an extremely high standard of individuality and specificity to each athlete. I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Jarrod and have been very happy with the large progressions I have made in a relatively short period of time.”

Jessica Flores

Business Owner & Age Group Champion

“I recently began working with Coach Jarrod from Triathlon Gold. My experience so far has been top notch. I interviewed several triathlon coaches after feeling like I had plateaued. I picked Jarrod because of his impressive resume, but also because he has excellent communication skills. I wanted to work with someone who would be attentive to my needs as an age group athlete and help me get to the next level. I have big goals, and I feel he takes that seriously. He explains in detail what needs to be done in order to achieve my goals, and he is a patient and knowledgeable coach. I appreciate the personalized attention, as I have already learned so much from him! I can see so much improvement after just a couple of months. I am looking forward to continuing the process!”

Chris Deegan

Australian ITU Triathlete | VIS Scholarship | Triathlon Australia HP Development Program

“Jarrod's methodical coaching approach has allowed me to improve step-by-step consistently. He is able to strike the perfect balance between working on weaknesses, and consolidating strengths, and is a great listener and motivator.”

Zoe Clarke

Australian ITU Triathlete | VIS Scholarship | Triathlon Australia HP Development Program

“Jarrod is an exceptional coach. I am very grateful for his investment in me, his thoroughness, and his dedication. He holds me to a high standard which enables me to get the best out of myself, while providing support, kindness, and reassurance along every step of the way. When I started with Jarrod I was injured and confused but in the relatively short time he’s coached me I have come a long way and thoroughly enjoyed working with him. He has taken the time to get to know me and is a real rock through the ups and downs of athlete life. Jarrod’s commitment to our priorities gives me confidence that I can get to where I want to be.”

Maricarmen Farias

Multiple 70.3 Ironman Age Group Winner and Podium Athlete 

Jarrod is the most caring, knowledgeable, and committed coach I've had the opportunity to work with. I was hesitant to work with a coach remotely, but since day one I always feel like he is out there watching me. Every session is explained in detail, and I always get feedback on all my sessions. Thanks to Jarrod's mentoring I have found joy in the sport again. I love how each training session is personalized to meet my needs and helping me reach my best potential.

Lina Miller

Business Owner | Kona Qualifier | 70.3 & Ironman Athlete

“In December of 2022, I was cleared to begin running after surgery from a complete tear of my ACL, MCL, and meniscus, a pivot shift contusion of my distal femur and proximal tibia, and large joint effusion. I was told by many that I may never run again. I have been a triathlete for five years. I was still not able to walk properly when I reached out to Jarrod, but I knew I wanted to begin my training with a professional coach and an expert in his field. I needed someone who could build me back up to racing competitively in the IM Kona World Championship 2023 of which I was qualified. This was hands down the best decision I’ve made! The training plan Jarrod has created for me continues to build back my confidence, strength, and endurance. It’s an incredible privilege to work alongside an extremely caring, nurturing, and qualified coach. As a distance athlete, I can attest to the fact that his communication skills are second to none. My appreciation level is high because the work is hard. Jarrod puts so much detail into working with each aspect specific for putting me in a constant state of improvement. He challenges me and drives me into the best level of performance. He looks ahead and prepares me for the next training task to come. As an athlete, I believe better is always possible and Jarrod proves that possible for me with exactly the proper training plan to help me persevere. During an injury, your body challenges you to see what you are physically capable of. It’s a blessing to fully trust your coach to take full control of every aspect of training. I look forward to years of racing with Jarrod as my coach.

Harvey Lanigan

Australian ITU Triathlete | VIS Scholarship | Triathlon Australia HP Development Program

"Jarrod has always presented and prided himself on being a professional coach ever since I first met him in October 2022 through the Triathlon Australia National Talent Transfer Program. Every interaction since has been professional whilst also being friendly, helpful, and considerate to my history as an athlete and to my future ambitions both within the sport of triathlon and a full-time career.

Jarrod uses a clear methodical approach to coaching and is evident through conversations with him, whether they’re in-person or via electronic communications. Having suffered a knee injury in April 2023, Jarrod carefully collaborated with my other service providers to ensure he was aware of everything that was taking place, whether that’s with physio, doctors, and/or strength and conditioning, taking careful note of where we were within the ‘big picture’ at all times.

Jarrod further extends his professionalism when writing training programs, ensuring they meet and address the needs of each athlete (providing an individualised experience) whilst also catering for their own unique circumstances such as restrictions/obstacles with work, study, and social lives.

Overall, Jarrod has been a very thorough, friendly, and excellent coach thus far and I look forward to continuing my partnership with him into the future."

Will Reid

70.3 & Ironman Age Group Athlete

"I've been training with Jarrod for a little over three months and the experience has been nothing short of outstanding. Jarrod continues to reveal the depth of his experience and expertise with each passing week, and I think I've seen just enough to know that I'm still only at the tip of the iceberg with where he could take me in my triathlon journey. I had little to no swimming and cycling background before joining Jarrod, and had only just completed my first marathon earlier in the year (with only a recreational running background prior to my marathon training which began in January), so I was very surprised to win back-to-back age group victories in a local sprint and then a half-distance race two weeks later on my journey to my first full-distance Ironman in November after just 12 weeks of training. I'd also like to complement Jarrod's efficiency, availability, and responsiveness. On efficiency, all of my training sessions have been easy to follow, well organized, and have had a very natural progression to them, and Jarrod's coaching very naturally pulled me out of a sea of confusing and often conflicting information that I was reading prior to joining him. He's also given me excellent gear advice on bikes, triathlon suits, wetsuits and everything in between. On availability and responsiveness, Jarrod has been available virtually 7 days a week throughout my training period and has always gotten back to me extremely quickly despite our 15-hour time zone difference (I live on the US East Coast). He has also been available and responsive at even shorter notice during critical pre-race periods. Finally, Jarrod is very easy to work with on a personal level, and it's been a pleasure getting to know him over the time we've worked together. I would highly recommend Jarrod and the Triathlon Gold program to anyone either new or experienced to triathlon or any of it's constituent disciplines.”

Kieran Muir

70.3 & Ironman Age Group Athlete

“I have been coached by Jarrod for the last 6 months and have nothing but amazing things to say. The daily check-ins, the constant micro changes, the macro out look for events. I have made more progress in 6 months than I made in the previous 18 months. He is a continual source of motivation and I'd recommend him to anyone - professional, amateur or stark beginner.”

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