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Jarrod Evans has developed and coached more than 25 World Champions and 40+ National Champions from the ground up.   Triathlon Gold offers highly detailed individual triathlon training programs through Training Peaks (if the client has an account) or a fully customizable excel template.  We tailor performance based training programs to suit your lifestyle with a clear focus on balance and training with time effectiveness.

Jarrod Evans provides exclusive coaching services to U.S. and International athletes—athletes who display the highest motivation and drive for success. Our comprehensive programs give triathletes access to the world-class service providers and elite training environment required to excel.



  • Highly personalized and individualized training programs

  • Consultations

  • Bio Mechanic Screening

  • Bike Fitting

  • Swim & Run Analysis

  • Lab & Field Testing

  • Nutrition Analysis



Head Coach Jarrod Evans offer an exclusive consultative service for athletes seeking expert advice on programming, planning, nutrition, strength and conditioning, racing and race execution.

Triathlon Gold Biomechanics

As part of a holistic approach to preparing and training athletes, bio mechanic analysis and screening’s form a key part of our initial and ongoing process.  All incumbent athletes are treated as individuals from Day 1.  The priority is on maximizing your time and effort from and part of this process is starting from the ground up looking at your bio-mechanics and what you naturally bring to the table as strengths, and what we must work on to make you better.

Triathlon Gold Bike Fitting

Triathlon Gold uses a range of performance fitters, all with National and Olympic level accreditation and experience.  Continuing our line of maximizing outcomes from Day 1, bike fitting and positional analysis forms part of our initial and on-going process.  Triathlon Gold has a very small group of recommended providers in this field to maximize exclusivity and professionalism of service.

Jarrod Evans Swim Specialist

Triathlon Gold provides swim analysis as standard and an ongoing assessment process of being in our daily performance environment.  For athletes who are part of Triathlon Gold, a consultative service is an option using service providers in your area.  Please contact us through the contact page if you would like more information.

Triathlon Gold Run Analysis

Triathlon Gold uses a combination of practical and scientific techniques for assessing and improving running technique.  A functional assessment, motion capture software, and in-person analysis provides athletes with a comprehensive and personalized service to take running to a new level.  Triathlon Gold, like its other services, also uses a range of internationally-accredited and world-class coaches to enhance our service.

Triathlon Gold Lab Testing

Triathlon Gold offers both lab and field testing for athletes as part of the daily performance environment.  For international or correspondence athletes looking for lab testing, assessment and prescription we work with service providers located in your area.

Triathlon Gold Nutrition

Triathlon Gold uses a range of expert nutritionists all with National and Olympic-level accreditation and performance.  Continuing our line of maximizing outcomes from Day 1, we will look to gain an understanding through analysis of what has worked for you in training and racing and then what we can do to enhance it.  

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