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Swimming for Triathlon - Fast 50's

What’s the goal of these posts?

The goal of these posts is to provide athletes a small snapshot of some of the key Swim-Bike-Run workouts and principles used to develop and produce our national and world champion level athletes.

Melbourne Triathlon

What’s the goal of these posts?

It has been labelled many things over the years, but the term we use is “Progressive 50’s”.

The “Main set” is as follows;

16 x 50m (Every 4th at MAX Effort) on 60

12 x 50m (Every 3rd at MAX Effort) on 55

8 x 50m (Every 2nd at MAX Effort) on 50

4 x 50m (Each at MAX Effort) on 45

Who’s it most appropriate for?

It is appropriate for both Short-course and Long-course preparation. It can be adapted to any level of athlete by altering the time cycles.

When could I use it and how could I apply it?

It can be used all year round ideally on a ‘hard’ day. The goal of the main set should be to finish the 4 x 50’s and those be done with minimal rest. All variations are appropriate to use at differing times. As examples we have used it in contexts of;

Band Only, Bands + Paddles, Bands + Pull Buoys (Ankles), Bands + Pull Buoys (Normal), No Aids.

Performance & Coaching Reviews

"I' was fortunate enough to partner with Jarrod for two years at the start of my journey into ITU, draft-legal triathlon. Coming from a running background, I had a lot to catch-up on in the realm of multi-sport with a specific emphasis on swimming and cycling. Jarrod identified both my strengths and weaknesses, addressed them and coached me from essentially 'unranked' to a top-20 position in the world on the ITU World Rankings list. Together we've overcome challenges and achieved race results and rankings. But more importantly, Jarrod made sure to accomplish these goals with long-term vision and sustainability within sport. His person-centered approach, patience, diligence, dedication and professionalism are gold standard. Not only have I grown as a professional athlete, but I'm enriched as a person under his mentorship."

Disclaimer Athlete choosing to utilize these sessions, do so at their own risk. You agree to assume the risks of such training, and further agree to hold harmless Jarrod Evans & Triathlon Gold from any and all claims, suits, losses, and/or related causes of actions and damages, including, but not limited to, such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from copying and or implementing these session suggestions. These session concepts have either been created from scratch by Jarrod Evans and or adapted from existing workouts from other athletes and coaches over the last 25years.

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