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Improve your triathlon run split - Off the bike

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

There is no harder skill to master in triathlon than running fast off the bike. It requires practice and specific work to improve it and then also be competative.

USA Triathlon Running

What’s the session?

Running Hills. Easy Hills, Steady Hills, Hard Hills all play a vital role in improving strength for triathlon and most specifically running well off the bike. The below session is just one example of ‘progression’ or ‘gear change’ hills;

The “Main set” is as follows;

10 x 90secs completed as: 10 x 90secs as (50secs Easy>30secs Solid>10secs Hard)

Who’s it most appropriate for?

More appropriate for short course non drafting athletes and ITU athletes, we have used it as part of ‘back ending’ some our harder days for long course where maintaining form under load becomes a priority. This session can be applied to longer course training but the duration and ratios should be changed to accommodate the demands of competition.

When could I use it and how could I apply it?

It can be used in a strength or a block of work leading into a block of racing and ideally on a ‘tempo’ or ‘strength’ day. The ideal % of the hills should not be greater than 5%. Ideally good ‘speed’ is still achievable without feeling like you are digging into the hill to achieve it. Remember as a triathlete, we never start the run ‘fresh’ so maintaining best form under duress should always be a focus. Speed is not to be at the expense of technique.

What’s the progression leading into it and on from it?

Hills are generally a safer way not only to build critical strength, but speed through strength and progression. There are million ways to build into this session and on from it. We have progressed the session not only in reps but also changed the last two progression elements.

6 x 90secs Hills completed as (50secs Easy>30secs Solid>10secs Hard)

8 x 90secs Hills completed as (50secs Easy>30secs Solid>10secs Hard)

10 x 90secs Hills completed as (50secs Easy>30secs Solid>10secs Hard)

12 x 90secs Hills completed as (50secs Easy>30secs Solid>10secs Hard)

11 x 90secs Hills completed as (30secs Easy>30secs Solid>30secs Hard)

10 x 90secs Hills completed as (10secs Easy>30secs Solid>50secs Hard)


Athlete choosing to utilize these sessions, do so at their own risk. You agree to assume the risks of such training, and further agree to hold harmless Jarrod Evans & Triathlon Gold from any and all claims, suits, losses, and/or related causes of actions and damages, including, but not limited to, such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from copying and or implementing these session suggestions. These session concepts have either been created from scratch by Jarrod Evans and or adapted from existing workouts from other athletes and coaches over the last 25years.

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