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  • Jarrod Evans

Running for Triathlon - The "Mona Fartlek"

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

What’s the goal of these posts?

The goal of these posts is to provide athletes a small snapshot of some of the key Swim-Bike-Run workouts and principles used to develop and produce our national and world champion level athletes.

St Kilda 2XU Triathlon

What’s the session?

Whilst not a typical session designed ‘for’ triathlon the “Mona Fartlek” is a famous workout of many athletes through a season’s training.

The “Main set” is as follows;

2 x 90secs Hard – 90secs Easy

4 x 60secs Hard – 60secs Easy

4 x 30secs Hard – 30secs Easy

4 x 15secs Hard – 15secs Easy

(10mins Hard | 20mins Total)

Who’s it most appropriate for?

More appropriate for short course non drafting athletes and ITU athletes, we have used it as part of ‘back ending’ some our harder days for long course where maintaining form under load becomes a priority.

When could I use it and how could I apply it?

It can be used in a speed or preparation race phase and ideally on a ‘harder’ day. Variations of the ‘mona’ might be used for the 8weeks leading into an important race as 2 x 3-1. The “Hard” sections are never to be run out of control. You always want to run as hard as you can with the words ‘sustainable speed’ and ‘holding best form’ in mind. Completing extensions 1 and 2 these terms become even more important. Remember as a triathlete, we never start the run ‘fresh’ so maintaining best form under duress should always be a focus.

What’s the progression leading into it and on from it?

The typical ‘Mona’s is achievable for most levels of athlete, but it can be shortened by removing 1-2 reps from the original workout. The extensions are for the experienced athlete and below we would also recommend ‘pacing’ rather than ‘hard’.

Mona Fartlek (Extension 1)

3 x 90secs@5km Pace – 90secs Easy

5 x 60secs@5km Pace – 60secs Easy

5 x 30secs@5km Pace – 30secs Easy

5 x 15secs@5km Pace – 15secs Easy

(13.15mins Hard | 26.30mins Total)

Mona Fartlek (Extension 2)

4 x 90secs@5-10km Pace – 90secs Easy

6 x 60secs@5-10km Pace – 60secs Easy

6 x 30secs@5-10km Pace – 30secs Easy

6 x 15secs@5-10km Pace – 15secs Easy

(16.30mins Hard | 33.00mins Total)


Athlete choosing to utilize these sessions, do so at their own risk. You agree to assume the risks of such training, and further agree to hold harmless Jarrod Evans & Triathlon Gold from any and all claims, suits, losses, and/or related causes of actions and damages, including, but not limited to, such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from copying and or implementing these session suggestions. These session concepts have either been created from scratch by Jarrod Evans and or adapted from existing workouts from other athletes and coaches over the last 25years.


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