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Triathlon Swimming - Practice the demands.

Updated: May 3, 2023

Swimming for triathlon at its highest levels requires training to meet and exceed the demands of competition. The "Mirror Set" goes some way to allow you to learn what to focus on and when.


What’s the session?

The “Mirror Swim Set” is a set that is designed to mirror as best as possible the demands of competition for a triathlon swim leg. It can be adjusted for 750m, 1500m, 1900m or IM Swim Leg. We have used the 750m Swim Leg as the example and for a higher level of triathlete;

The “Main set” is as follows;

2 x 100m Pull + Band at Best Effort on 1.20 | Focus is on High Cadence Swimming

1 x 400m Pull at Tempo>LT on 5.20 | Minimal Leg Movement & High Cadence Swimming

4 x 50m Paddles at Best Effort on 40 | Maximal Kick & Strong Arm Turnover

Rest 1-3mins | Repeat 2-4 Times

Who’s it most appropriate for?

It is appropriate for both Short-course and Long-course preparation. It can be adapted to any level of athlete by altering the distance and time cycles.

When could I use it and how could I apply it?

It should be used ideally on a ‘hard’ day for the final 4-6weeks leading into the season or ‘A’ race. By placing a band on in the first segments of 100’s we force the use of arm turnover to generate initial velocity and minimizing lactate accumulation in the legs. The second segment with a pull-buoy is to simulate the period of a more balanced swim effort post the ferocity of the first 200m. Still settling into a rhythm but staying engaged and still pressing the pace. In the final segment of 50’s with paddles we are bringing in a heavier use of the legs to get the blood moving back into the lower body for a run up out of the water into T1 whilst the paddles still allow for a strong hold on the water with forced engagement.

What’s the progression leading into it and on from it?

There isn’t really a progression into it or on from it as the example listed is only 800m in total, so beginners and intermediate level triathletes can adjust the time cycles and complete 1-2 repetitions. For 70.3 or IM athletes you can also adjust the individual repetitions, time cycles and extend the set repetitions if required as well. Disclaimer

Athlete choosing to utilize these sessions, do so at their own risk. You agree to assume the risks of such training, and further agree to hold harmless Jarrod Evans & Triathlon Gold from any and all claims, suits, losses, and/or related causes of actions and damages, including, but not limited to, such claims that may result from my injury or death, accidental or otherwise, during or arising in any way from copying and or implementing these session suggestions. These session concepts have either been created from scratch by Jarrod Evans and or adapted from existing workouts from other athletes and coaches over the last 25years.

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